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A veteran-owned and operated clothing brand


I’m an avid lover of t-shirts, horror, and skateboarding.


We’ve all got options when it comes to picking the clothes we wear. Never a fan of the plain white t-shirts, I found myself drawn to the graphics. In my case, I wanted a way to express my personal love of all thing’s horror (and all things zombies).


Instead of looking, I decided to just create it.


Growing up, I remember watching classic horror moves like Jason, Freddy, Halloween, Hell Raiser, Pumpkin Head, Night of the Living Dead…the list goes on and on. Is this clothing line I’ve created for the faint of heart? No chance. However, this brand came into existence for all the other horror junkies out there like me who love a good horror story-line and don’t mind the blood and guts that come along with it.


My designing process focuses on creating apparel I would be proud to wear. What I love most about designing is seeing my creations come to life and on the backs of people near and far. It’s kind of like bringing the dead back into the living world. I’ve created Living Dead Apparel, a clothing brand to share with the Kings and Queens of horror all over the world through graphic t-shirts to show off our personal style.


Living Dead Apparel is a family oriented and Veteran owned and operated company focused on designing clothing that creates an experience.


Welcome to the family, all of us (both living and dead) are glad you found us.